Other Immigration matters


Other Immigration matters

SB-1 Returning Resident

An SB-1 visa is available for permanent residents who have remained outside the United States for over a year without a re-entry permit (travel document authorized for travel outside the United States for over a year) and potentially may have abandoned their permanent residency. In order to be eligible for this visa, a permanent resident should demonstrate that they had no intent to abandon their permanent residency and that their extended stay outside the United States was due to circumstances outside their control. Examples include, medical situations, global pandemic etc. Each consulate has its unique procedure for issuance of this visa, but SB-1 usually requires two separate interviews.

Re-entry Permit

A Re-entry permit allows a permanent resident or a conditional permanent resident to remain outside the United States for up to two years without abandoning their permanent resident status. Considering the lengthy processing time for this benefit, we will walk you through the nuances involved in this application, to help you to not only make the most effective travel plan, but also advise you on your legal obligations as a permanent resident.


The outcome has been excellent and we could not have been happier

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for handling the entire process of obtaining an H1B for one of our employees and the green card process. The outcome has been excellent and we could not have been happier about the entire experience. You are very professional and very accessible and responsive.

- S

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