H1B Registration Selection Process for FY2025 H1B cap cases

H1B Registration Selection Process for FY2025 H1B cap cases

USCIS announced today that the registration window for FY2025 H1B cap cases will open on March 6, 2024 and end on March 22, 2024. They are making several changes to the process this year to make the selection more beneficiary-centric, thereby reducing the potential for fraud through multiple registrations.

– Beneficiaries must provide a passport or travel document during registration. This will help ensure that the beneficiary’s registration is unique.
– Even if multiple unrelated employers register the same beneficiary, each beneficiary will be entered only once in the selection process. This will ensure that each beneficiary would have the same chance of being selected, regardless of the number of registrations submitted on their behalf. If a beneficiary is selected, then all employers who registered them in the lottery will be notified of the selection and allowed to file a petition for them.
– The registration fee will remain as $10 for this year but it will increase to $215 from next year.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the changes being implemented this year.

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