I have worked with many (5) attorneys so far and I strongly feel, Srividya is one of the very best immigration attorneys in the US that we have worked with. She has an in-depth understanding of immigration matters, is very efficient, sharp and very flexible to work with. She demonstrates a deep and clear understanding of the complicated laws governing immigration not just restricted to overlapping statuses and grey areas in between visa transfers.

She gives undivided attention to the cases and is very responsive to calls / emails or questions I had on my case. She is also very caring and approachable, sometimes I would be stressed and email my questions to her even after work hours and I would receive a response back right away. I had a sense of clarity, confidence and hope even after the very first conversation with her. She would take care to grind through the tiniest of details to make sure everything was well understood and accurately laid out in the petition.

Not only for me, I heard other clients of hers, have also had stunning results in getting their complications resolved with favorable outcomes based on simple yet effective steps per her recommendation. I felt relaxed and confident that my case is in safe hands. I would highly recommending hiring her for hassle free, quick, clean and above all peaceful visa procedures. Fees for her is probably the best money you would ever spend.

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