August 12, 2021

I approached attorney Srividya in late September 2020 at the advice of a personal friend of mine.  I wanted to file for our I-485s for myself, my wife and my minor son in October 2020.  Srividya gave complete attention to our case details and set up an expectation for late October 2020 filing.  She was a real practical help for us in every step of the way.  She took every minute detail from us to make sure she had complete information to advise us appropriately.  She was extremely responsive often responding in a matter of 2-3 hours and maximum within 24 hours throughout the process.  She prepared our files, got us to review two times, she herself reviewed probably 2-3 times and made sure the filing had absolutely no issues or missing components. We successfully filed on October 21st, 2020. When I hear about the horror stories from my friends and my own brother-in-law of waiting for weeks/months to get feedback and blunders done even for simple things by other highly known big law firms, I thank my stars, knowing that even a delay by a week would have meant months of waiting.  She was so thorough that even when I didn’t notice my wife’s medicals file not being sealed, she did and got the package back in overnight courier so that we could get it sealed and signed by the doctor’s office and we could file in a perfect manner.  And need I express my joy when I say we got our green cards in July 2021?  She is an amazingly patient attorney listening to and answering all of our queries to our satisfaction.  I would recommend her services without any hesitation.  Thank you Srividya!

- Krishna K., Plano, TX

September 25, 2020

Srividya Krishnamurthy has been easy to approach, very easy process to get you setup and gather details for filling 485 or EAD renewals or AP process. She is prompt of responding to emails where others charge money for just a response or a quick 10 mins call. She answers all our queries with patience and gives us various options on how to go about it with recommendations.

​Its been a great journey and I thank her for helping me get GC without any hassle. I have already referred over 10 of my colleagues and that talks a lot about what she has to offer.

I will definitely approach her for any other needs related to Immigration.

- Badri

September 25, 2020

Thanks a lot for working on our case and getting us the Green Card smoothly. The entire process right from the time we spoke first and till we got the GC was very well defined and your regular updates were a great relief. Your knowledge on the queries that USCIS posted on our case and follow up to respond on time was very helpful. You made sure each time an update in the case was posted by USCIS, we were well informed and also you followed up to make sure we received the case documents without any issues. Overall the entire time we worked with you, you were very patiently answering all our questions and made sure we had clarity on next steps and approximate timeline based on USCIS processing times and based on your experience.

Thanks Again for all your support and we will definitely let our friends know who may be in need of your service.

- Suba B

June 29, 2018

Hi Sri,
Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for handling the entire process of obtaining an H1B for one of our employees and the green card process. The outcome has been excellent and we could not have been happier about the entire experience. You are very professional and very accessible and responsive.

Thank you for your services with best wishes,

- S

March 06, 2017

Helped in obtaining Green card for wife outside US (and later adding child who was born just before the interview).

When I enquired you about the options to bring my wife, your depth of knowledge in the immigration process, let me impressed and go with you for the process the Green Card for my wife. During the immigration process you were following with me with each and every steps and guided me on collecting the documents and did end to end analysis and submitted the documents on time. You had really reminded me on things that I have be ready on regular basis to push things on time. My wife and my daughter (who was later added) got their Green Card without any hassle. Thanks a lot for helping me out to be with my family. I would blindly refer you to others and tell them how depth knowledge you had in the immigration process and how I got the green card for my family without any issues.

- Anonymous

March 06, 2017

Hi Srividya,
My H1b stamping was done successfully. I need to thank you for making this entire process a cake walk.

- Anonymous

March 06, 2017

I have worked with many (5) attorneys so far and I strongly feel, Srividya is one of the very best immigration attorneys in the US that we have worked with. She has an in-depth understanding of immigration matters, is very efficient, sharp and very flexible to work with. She demonstrates a deep and clear understanding of the complicated laws governing immigration not just restricted to overlapping statuses and grey areas in between visa transfers.

She gives undivided attention to the cases and is very responsive to calls / emails or questions I had on my case. She is also very caring and approachable, sometimes I would be stressed and email my questions to her even after work hours and I would receive a response back right away. I had a sense of clarity, confidence and hope even after the very first conversation with her. She would take care to grind through the tiniest of details to make sure everything was well understood and accurately laid out in the petition.

Not only for me, I heard other clients of hers, have also had stunning results in getting their complications resolved with favorable outcomes based on simple yet effective steps per her recommendation. I felt relaxed and confident that my case is in safe hands. I would highly recommending hiring her for hassle free, quick, clean and above all peaceful visa procedures. Fees for her is probably the best money you would ever spend.

- Anonymous

March 06, 2017

My niece had delays with her I-20 renewal before the holidays and was up to a challenge to continue the next semester. We approached Immigration Attorney Srividya Krishnamurthy and inquired about alternate options if Visa renewal did not happen in time.

Thanks especially to Attorney Srividya Krishnamurthy for her effort, knowledge, and expertise. She clearly demonstrated her legal acumen and explained the process to guide us to secure the I-20 approval on time.
We were so relieved after speaking to her. It gives immense satisfaction when you deal with a very knowledgeable, approachable and very helpful immigration attorney who treats client’s issue as their personal one and give their 100% to resolve it.

Thanks again to Attorney Srividya Krishnamurthy and very knowledgeable Law Firm for their swift and immediate response in resolving our case.

- Anonymous

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